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Vasectomy Reversal Procedure

What is Vasectomy Reversal?

top-nyc-vasectomy-reversal-surgeon-01In general, a vasectomy is performed when a man decides that he no longer wants to be able to have children. However, people and circumstances change over time, and there are several factors which may affect your decision and cause you to have a change of heart in the future. If you have had a vasectomy in the past and have recently decided that you’d like to become a father, you may want to consider undergoing a vasectomy reversal procedure. Read on to find out more about what to expect from this procedure.

How is a Vasectomy Reversed?


A vasectomy reversal procedure can be done using one of two different methods. The first and most popular option is through vasovasostomy, a procedure where the surgeon sews the tubes, or vas deferens, back together from the testes to the penis. The vas deferens transports sperm from the testes to the penis, where it is ejaculated during sexual intercourse. The second method is known as vasoepididymostomy, which is more complex and involves the vas deferens being attached to a small organ at the back of each testicle, which contains sperm. The latter option tends to be reserved for men who are unlikely to experience success with vasovasostomy.

What Does the Procedure Include?

Vasectomy reversal procedures are typically carried out in a hospital or clinic. During the procedure, you will be given anesthesia to ensure that you are not conscious throughout. The entire procedure will usually last for around two to four hours, and most men will return home the same day. In general, the recovery takes around two weeks, although you should allow around six weeks to resume life as normal.

Who Should Consider the Procedure?

male-tubal-reversal-children-family-03If you’ve had a vasectomy in the past but have had a change of heart regarding your family life, you may want to consider having the procedure reversed. Vasectomy reversal is usually considered by men who have changed their mind about becoming a father or adding to their family, along with men who have experienced the loss of a child after undergoing the procedure. A small percentage of men may find vasectomy reversal useful for relieving pain in the testicles and groin area caused by a past vasectomy.

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Ways to Improve Your Fertility After a Vasectomy Reversal

vasectomy reversalFor men who decide that they no longer want to have children, a vasectomy is a quick, surgical option which prevents sperm from being carried from the testes to the penis. For most men, this means that they can carry on life as usual without having to worry about birth control. However, it’s not uncommon for men to undergo a vasectomy, only to change their mind about starting or expanding a family later on down the line. If you’re hoping to conceive after having a vasectomy reversal, here’s what you can do to improve your chance of a successful pregnancy.

#1. Don’t Delay:

vasectomy reversalThe longer you wait between having a vasectomy and getting it reversed, the lower your chance will be of a successful pregnancy. In general, men who have the procedure reversed within the first three years have the biggest success rate of 67%. However, don’t be too concerned if it’s been longer than three years – men who wait between 3-8 years have a success rate of over 50%, whilst those who wait between 9-14 years still have a 44% chance of a successful pregnancy. It’s possible to father a child after having your vasectomy reversed over fifteen years later, however, the success rate is much lower at 30%.

#2. Wear Supportive Clothing:

After your procedure, it’s important to take the right steps to a speedy and healthy recovery. Along with closely following any instructions provided to you by your doctor, it’s important to consider what you wear. During the healing period, you may find it useful to wear a scrotum supporter, which you can get from your doctor. This will help to speed up the healing process and can improve your chances of conception in the future. For around six weeks after the procedure, you should wear loose-fitting, breathable boxer shorts to improve air circulation around the testicles. This can help to increase sperm count by regulating temperature.

#3. Change Your Diet:

vasectomy reversalMaking some healthy changes to your diet can help to increase your fertility after a vasectomy reversal. You should avoid eating soy products, since they contain weak estrogens that can be damaging to sperm. Limiting your intake of caffeine and alcohol can also be beneficial when trying to get pregnant. You may also benefit from taking vitamin supplements or zinc with the approval of your doctor.
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Dispelling the Myths Surrounding Vasectomy Reversals

There are several reasons why a man may wish to reverse a vasectomy procedure, mainly ones which are personal to himself. Most commonly, a vasectomy reversal is carried out to allow a man to father a child again, although it can be used in some rare cases to treat testicle pain which occurs as a result of a vasectomy. Guys who are seriously considering a vasectomy reversal will want to ensure they have all the facts before going in for the procedure. But, there are several myths surrounding this procedure that leave some men with the wrong information. Some of the most common myths include:

I’m Too Old to Have a Vasectomy Reversed:

vasectomy reversalA popular misconception amongst men is that there’s an age limit when it comes to a successful vasectomy reversal. Whilst the pregnancy success rate does go down as the man’s age increases, there is no reason why any man should not consider this procedure due to their age. If you are deemed healthy enough for surgery under a general anesthetic, you will be able to have your vasectomy reversed whatever your age.

I Won’t Be Able to Father Children Naturally:

vasectomy reversalOne of the biggest myths about vasectomy reversal is that men are unable to biologically father a child after the procedure. Many people mistakenly believe that after a vasectomy, the only possible way to father a child is via IVF. However, this isn’t true – vasectomy reversal success rates range from around 30-90%, depending on various factors. Whilst it may sometimes be more difficult to father a child naturally after a reversal procedure, it’s certainly not impossible.

I’ll Only Be Able to Try Once:


Finally, another misconception about vasectomy reversal is that it’s only possible to try once. This is false – it’s possible to have multiple attempts at reversing a vasectomy if the first one is unsuccessful. In some cases, more complex procedures may be offered to increase the chance of success.

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How to Talk to Your Partner About Having Another Baby

vasectomy reversalMany couples find it difficult to bring up the prospect of having children. Even if you are already parents, bringing up the prospect of having another baby can be tough, as having another child is an emotional decision which will affect your household in more ways than one. However, talking about your needs regarding family expansion is essential, regardless of the decision that you come to.

Be Patient:

vasectomy reversalIf you want to have another baby and your partner does not, broaching the subject is unlikely to be easy for either of you. Bringing a child into the world affects both parents, so most will agree that it’s important for each party to be in agreement before going forward. Adopting a patient and understanding attitude is a crucial step which will make it easier to talk about having another baby with your partner. This is especially true if your decision to have another child is likely to lead to procedures such as vasectomy reversal or IVF.

Be Specific About Your Expectations:

Whether it’s your first or your fifth child, having another baby is a massive decision that will impact the rest of your life. For families, welcoming another member can affect every member emotionally and financially over the long-term. So, it’s important to be clear about your expectations for having another child; the more specific you are regarding your wishes, the easier it will be for your partner to weigh up the options. Be specific about your expectations for the conversation itself – let your partner know if you don’t want a decision straight away, for example.

Consider Career and Financial Implications:

vasectomy reversalBecoming parents will affect your careers and your finances; most new parents require leave from work once a baby is born and bringing up a small child often means that parents no longer have the time to dedicate themselves as much to their career or work as many hours as they once did. If your partner’s objections tend to be financially motivated, it may be worth taking the time to calculate if you can afford to expand your family right now or come up with a plan to help you achieve this.

Most importantly, both partners should be honest and open with one another about their wishes to expand their family to enable them to reach a compromise that works. If a vasectomy is stopping you and your partner from having another child, get in touch today to book your consultation with NYC’s best vasectomy reversal doctor.

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Steps to Take During Your Recovery Period

vasectomy reversalAfter having your vasectomy reversed, you should allow yourself a few weeks to recover. Most men can get back to work one week after the procedure and have fully resumed normal life after six weeks, however, everyone is different. So, be sure to ask your doctor for more detailed advice when it comes to how long you should wait before resuming certain activities. To improve your chances of a full recovery and pregnancy success after a vasectomy reversal, it’s vital to take the right steps to look after your body during the healing process. You should:

Follow Medical Instructions:

vasectomy reversalYour doctor will give you detailed instructions on preparation and recovery both before and after your procedure. Following these instructions carefully is vital to ensuring that your procedure runs smoothly and that recovery is hassle-free. Bear in mind that failing to follow preparation instructions, such as ceasing to eat or drink at a certain time, could result in the surgery being cancelled.

Avoid Strenuous Activity:

For the first twenty-four hours after your procedure, you should lie down and rest as much as you can. Once you are discharged from the hospital or clinic, the next few days should be spent avoiding anything that could cause you strain. You should take leave from your job for at least one week; if your work entails heavy manual labor, more time will likely be needed. Avoid playing sports, heavy lifting, or strenuous workouts for at least 1-2 weeks. Gentle walking is advisable to promote healthy blood flow.

Stay Comfortable:

For the first six weeks following your surgery, the clothing that you wear can be hugely influential in your recovery. Underwear is particularly important – you should avoid wearing anything too tight-fitting and opt for loose-fitting boxer shorts which allow air to flow to the testicles. This will improve temperature and blood flow, creating a healthier environment for sperm to thrive.

Get the Right Nutrients:

vasectomy reversalLastly, you can aid the recovery process by ensuring that your body has the necessary nutrients for the healing process. Do this by eating a healthy, balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, and drink plenty of fluids unless you have been specifically advised otherwise by your doctor. You may also consider taking certain dietary supplements, such as Vitamin C, to aid with speedy recovery. Speak to your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet.

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Questions to Ask Your Vasectomy Reversal Doctor

Vasectomy Reversal DoctorIf you had a vasectomy in the past but have since changed your mind about having children, you might want to consider undergoing vasectomy reversal surgery. Around 95% of men who have had a vasectomy will be able to have it reversed successfully, and alternative options are available for the small percentage of men who experience more complex issues such as low sperm count, insufficient vans deferens remaining, or a rupture of the epididymis tube. Before undergoing a vasectomy reversal, you’ll need to have a consultation with your surgeon to determine the best options for you. Here are some important questions to ask:

How Long Will Recovery Take?

Vasectomy Reversal DoctorIn general, it takes a maximum of around six weeks to fully recover from a vasectomy reversal. However, every man is different, so it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor to get a more personalized time-frame. There are several factors which may cause your recovery time to be longer than average, such as age, general health, and even the skill of the surgeon who carried out the vasectomy. Your doctor will be able to provide you with tailored advice on how to speed up your recovery safely.

What are My Chances of Fathering a Child?

It can be difficult to tell how successful you’ll be at becoming a dad before the procedure is carried out; this is usually determined by sperm tests after some weeks have passed. However, certain pre-existing factors can give you a clearer idea of your potential success rate. For example, the amount of time that has passed between the vasectomy and reversal procedures will make a big difference – men who wait just three years have a pregnancy success rate of almost 70%, which drops to just 30% for those with a fifteen-year gap or longer.

How Soon Can I?

Vasectomy Reversal DoctorIt’s important to ask your doctor how long you should wait after the procedure before resuming your day-to-day activities. In most cases, men can return to work after one week, but may need to wait longer if their job involves heavy physical labor. Your doctor will also advise you on how long to wait before you can drive. More importantly, if you’re planning on trying to conceive as quickly as possible after your vasectomy is reversed, be sure that you have the all-clear from your doctor before you engage in sexual activity. Most surgeons recommend waiting at least two weeks.

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Can You Get Pregnant After a Vasectomy Reversal?

vasectomy reversalDuring a vasectomy, a surgeon will disconnect the tubes (vans deferens) that carry the sperm from the testes to the semen. The procedure usually involves a few small surgical incisions and can also be performed using a laser. Usually, it takes around two months to determine whether a vasectomy procedure has been successful. But, what do you do if further down the line, you change your mind and decide that it’s time to become a dad? The good news is that it is possible to reverse the procedure and become fertile again. Let’s take a closer look at the facts surrounding getting pregnant after a vasectomy reversal.

Time Frame:

vasectomy reversalThe first thing to consider if you’re trying to conceive after having a vasectomy reversal is the timeframe between the vasectomy and the reversal procedures. The good news is that even if a man underwent a vasectomy over 15 years ago, it may still be possible for them to father a child after having the procedure reversed. The best odds of success are with men who had a vasectomy less than three years before reversal, with a 67% pregnancy rate. This drops down to 44% for men who had the procedure between 9-14 years ago and is 30% for men who wait over fifteen years.

Improving Your Chances:

Although a lot of it is down to biology, there’s no denying that the choices you make can naturally enhance your chance of conceiving. During the healing period, it’s vital to take care of the area to allow for optimal recovery. For example, the man wearing supportive underwear, which can be obtained from your doctor or a medical supply store can help to improve the chances of getting pregnant after vasectomy reversal surgery. After the six-week healing period, wearing loose-fitting underwear will allow more air to circulate around the testicles, keeping them cool and encouraging sperm count.

Alternative Options:

vasectomy reversalIn certain cases, getting pregnant is simply not possible, even after a vasectomy reversal procedure. However, there are several alternative options that you may wish to consider, such as IVF or donor sperm. It is also advisable for both parties to take a fertility test to ensure that the problem lies with the vasectomy reversal process rather than female fertility levels. Bear in mind that it can also take some time to get pregnant so don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t happen right away.

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Who Can Get a Vasectomy Reversal?

Vasectomy ReversalA vasectomy is a form of male sterilization that prevents sperm from the testes from reaching the semen which is ejaculated. To do this, a surgical procedure is performed to cut or block the tubes (vans deferens) that carry the sperm from the testes to the penis. Usually, a vasectomy is considered a permanent procedure, however, it is possible to have it reversed if you change your mind about becoming a father in the future. Read on to learn more about who is eligible for a vasectomy reversal.

You Want to Father a Child:

Vasectomy ReversalWhether you’ve decided that your family has got room for one more or have changed your mind regarding parenthood, there are many personal reasons for deciding to undergo a vasectomy reversal. In most cases, men who undergo this procedure do so because they want to become fertile again.

Health Problems Caused by the Vasectomy:

In some cases, your vasectomy procedure may have left you with health problems, pain, or discomfort. Although most men are able to return to normal within a few weeks of the surgery, some will continue to experience adverse side effects long after the average recovery period is up. If you have symptoms such as pain in your groin, bruising, swelling, or pain during sexual intercourse, you should consult with your doctor immediately. It may also be wise to get a second opinion from an experienced urologist.

What You Need for a Successful Vasectomy:

Vasectomy ReversalWhilst the option is available, it’s not always possible for every man to successfully reverse a vasectomy procedure. There are several factors that can affect your success rate, including the amount of time passed since the vasectomy, the amount of healthy vans deferens remaining after the procedure, and the presence of sperm. In some cases, men who have had a vasectomy may experience a ‘blow out’, which occurs when the epididymis tube ruptures due to fluid build-up in the tubes below the vasectomy. Alternative options may be available for you if this is the case.

Statistically, 95% percent of men who have had a vasectomy will be able to have the procedure successfully reversed. Whether you’ve changed your mind about fathering a child or are experiencing problems related to your vasectomy, we can help you decide if the reversal procedure is the best choice for you.

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Multiple Attempts at Vasectomy Reversal

vasectomy reversal If you have had a vasectomy and have changed your mind about having children, the good news is that 95% of men who have had this procedure are eligible for a successful reversal. However, in some cases, a vasectomy reversal may not always be successful the first time around, for various reasons. It could be that you do not have enough healthy vans deferens for it to be re-joined. Sperm count may also be an issue, or it could simply be down to an unskilled physician. So, if you’ve had no luck the first time around, you might be considering trying again. Is it worth trying to get a vasectomy reversed multiple times?

Factors to Consider:

A healthy and successful vasectomy reversal procedure depends on a number of factors, the main three being sperm count, sufficient healthy vans deferens remaining, and the skill of the surgeon. However, other factors may also affect the reversal process, particularly the length of time between the vasectomy and the reversal procedures. However, a second attempt may still be worth it if there has been a long period of time since the vasectomy was performed. You may wish to speak to a microsurgeon about your options.

Further Testing:

vasectomy reversal Before attempting a second vasectomy reversal procedure, you will need to undergo a range of tests to ensure that you are a suitable candidate. For example, tests will be made on seminal fluids to ensure the presence of healthy sperm, and the vans deferens may be further tested for scar tissue. Note that scar tissue from the previous procedure can be a common factor in unsuccessful vasectomy reversal procedures. You may need to consult with a surgeon who specializes in trickier cases.


More Complex Procedures:

vasectomy reversal You should be prepared for further unsuccessful attempts at reversing your vasectomy. If the regular procedure is not successful for you, you may wish to consider alternative options. A vasoepididymostomy is often an effective approach in cases where vasectomy reversal has been unsuccessful. This is a more complex procedure which usually requires a specialist. Other options that you may wish to consider include In vitro Fertilization (IVF), donor sperm, or adoption.

Most vasectomy reversal procedures are successful, but a small percentage will fail. If you are considering a second or third attempt at reversing your vasectomy, get in touch today to book your consultation with the best vasectomy reversal doctor in New York City.

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Success Rate of Vasectomy Reversal

So, you’ve changed your mind about becoming a dad – but the problem is, you have had a vasectomy. The good news is that a vasectomy reversal procedure can be carried out to get things back to how they were. A common question that many guys ask about vasectomy reversal is what the success rate is. Naturally, you’ll want to know your chances of success before putting your body through surgery and recovery, not to mention the cost. Success relies on three main factors – sperms, tube, and surgical expertise. This means that whilst choosing an experienced and reputable surgeon will increase your chance of success, your genes or health could get in the way. Let’s take a look at what’s necessary for a successful vasectomy reversal.


vasectomy reversalBefore a vasectomy reversal procedure, tests will be carried out to ensure that sperms are present. If they are not, this could be caused by blow out – a rupture of the extremely thin epididymis tube which is found on top of the testis. Blow out is caused by back pressure of fluid build-up trapped in the tubes below the vasectomy, peaking during ejaculation. It is painless, so you may be unaware that it has occurred. Statistically, the chance of a man developing a blow out after undergoing a vasectomy procedure starts at zero and increases by approximately 2% each following year.


vasectomy reversalDuring a vasectomy reversal procedure, the surgeon will re-join the tube (vas deferens), allowing it to transport sperm to the penis again. For the procedure to be a success, there will need to be enough healthy vas remaining after the vasectomy procedure for the surgeon to join at least one back together. Unfortunately, if there is not sufficient healthy vas, it’s usually not possible to have a vasectomy reversed. However, the good news is that almost all men (95%) will have at least one tube which is suitable for reversal.

Surgical Expertise and Skill:

vasectomy reversalLastly, the one factor that you’ll have more control over when getting a vasectomy reversal is the surgeon who carries out the procedure. Since most men who have undergone a vasectomy will be able to have it reversed, choosing a reputable and highly skilled doctor increases your chance of success. Choose a surgeon who specializes in vasectomy reversal and has a proven high success rate.

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What is Vasectomy Reversal?

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Vasectomy reversal micro-surgery entails reconnecting the two ends of the vas deferens utilizing a surgical microscope, micro-instruments and micro-sutures in order to allow the sperm to enter the ejaculate and regain fertility after vasectomy surgery.

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