Do Urologists Perform Vasectomies?

Do urologists perform vasectomies as one of their typical services? The vas deferens is a tube that transmits sperm to the penis through the testes. In a vasectomy, the urologist blocks or cuts the tube via surgery. This surgery will help avoid unwanted pregnancies. Experts think that a vasectomy is a fantastic option for permanent birth control. If you and your partner are sure about not having children, you can opt for this surgery. On the other hand, options are available to restore your vas deferens and ability to have children with your partner.

Do urologists perform vasectomies?

What is a Vasectomy?

With 99.85% effectiveness, a vasectomy is a long-term birth control option for men. The urologist will cut the vas deferens, preventing the sperm from mixing with your semen when you ejaculate. Once you undergo a vasectomy, your testicles will continue to produce sperm, but they won’t leave the testicles. Your body will absorb the unused sperm. Vasectomy is a procedure with fewer complications and problems. Furthermore, it is an outpatient treatment involving the use of local anesthesia.

Procedure for Vasectomy

The urologist will perform the procedure in their office. You need to prefer a specialist who has widespread experience in the urinary tract and reproductive system. If you are anxious about the procedure, your urologist can perform the treatment in the hospital or outpatient surgery center. To perform the surgery, the doctor will decide any one treatment option from two ways. In both procedures, the urologist keeps you awake. They will numb your scrotum using local anesthesia.

The simple method includes two one centimeter of incision in your scrotum. This way, they can access the vas deferens. They will cut down the small part of the vas deferens and remove it from your body. They will cauterize and seal it. After that, they will stitch the endings. The urologist may or may not use the same cut for the vas deferens on the other testicle. After sealing both the vas deferens, the specialist will glue or stitch the skin on the scrotum where they cut open.

For another surgery, the specialist will puncture a small hole in the scrotum. This method does not include any scalpel. After the cut, the doctor will locate the vas deferens under the skin and pull it out of the hole. They will cut the vas deferens removing it from the body. They will seal the tube by tying both ends or cauterizing it. Then, they will put the tube back in place. They will then perform the same procedure for the other testicle. Since the holes are small, you won’t require any stitches or glue on the skin.

The Recovery Time from a Vasectomy

After the procedure, you will experience mild discomfort, swelling, and bruising for few days. The symptoms for a vasectomy won’t longer than two weeks. Specialists will suggest various methods to decrease swelling and pain. Here are some standard methods that you can try:

  • Keeping a cold pack on the scrotum helps relieve swelling
  • You can also try over-the-counter pain killers for mild discomfort. Ibuprofen might work, but consult with your doctor before taking any medication
  • Jockstrap or compression shorts can also help with the pain and swelling. You need to wear these for two weeks.

You should wait 24 hours before taking a shower and avoid using a bathtub for two days. You can return to work and other routines after two to three days of the procedure. However, you should prevent strenuous activity such as lifting heavyweight and other exercises for one week after the treatment.

Choosing the Best Urologist to Perform Your Vasectomy

Before choosing a urologist, ensure that you and your spouse are ready for the procedure. This can be a big decision. After you both agree on having a vasectomy, you need to find an experienced specialist. Here are some of the suggestions that you should follow before choosing the urologist:

1.    Online Reviews

When looking for a doctor, gather some information. Search for reviews and read testimonials. By reading patients’ experiences, you can understand doctors’ good and bad qualities.

2.    Referrals

You can take recommendations from a friend or family member who went through a vasectomy. They will share their experience with the doctor. You will always hear an honest opinion from them.

Do urologists perform vasectomies? Urology

3.    Check Qualifications

There are numerous urologists with credentials. Check their websites for their qualification. Furthermore, choose a qualified specialist who has performed numerous successful vasectomies.

4.    Schedule a Consultation

You can learn more about the urologist by consulting with them. The consultation will provide plenty of information about the doctor. You can ask them any questions about the procedure. This session takes place prior to a vasectomy. This way, you can ask questions, establish a relationship, and take some time to decide whether you should opt for it or not.

Do Urologists Perform Vasectomies: Conclusion

You can set-up an appointment with Dr. Larish if you are looking for a Urologist in New York City. He has widespread experience in performing vasectomies and vasectomy reversals. Dr. Larish is highly-trained and knows how to perform advanced and modern treatments. For a consultation, you can contact our clinic at (646) 862-5500 .

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