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Dr. Larish performs vasectomy reversal micro-surgery at Gramercy Surgery Center. This state of the art facility utilizes the most modern and advanced high quality surgical microscope, micro-instruments and the most highly trained nurses and support staff.

Dr. Larish has helped many men successfully reverse their vasectomies.

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What Doctors Can Perform a Vasectomy Reversal?

What doctors can perform a vasectomy reversal? The outcome of the vasectomy reversal procedure inherently depends on the experience of the surgeon who will have to handle a variety of surgical instruments. Contrary to misguided perception, a trained doctor can even repair a failed vasectomy reversal.

Your job is to find out the competency and technical skills of the doctor to ensure a higher success rate. Apart from training, you need to make sure that your selective surgeon performs the procedure frequently with a high success ratio. You can ask around and converse with his patients that have had the vasectomy reversal experience.

What Doctors Can Perform a Vasectomy Reversal?

The Effectiveness of the Vasectomy Reversal Procedure

The first vasectomy reversal attempt is always simple. Furthermore, it is affordable enough for men to seize the best opportunities in life. Today, vasectomy reversal surgery has become a realistic option for men to conceive a child.

Though it depends on numerous elements, reverse vasectomy surgery is one of the most cost-effective and ideal choices for conception. You can practically guarantee the outcome of your reverse vasectomy by choosing the best available doctor.

Vasectomy Reversal Procedure Requires Specialty

Different surgical processes are not routine, like others. Now, it is not because they are simple but common. Any general surgeon has experience with gallbladder and appendix removals. A cardiologist has likely done hundreds and thousands of cardiac catheterizations.

In addition, the majority of the urologists have performed vasectomies, but the same rules do not apply when it comes to the vasectomy reversal surgery. In addition, that is because a reverse vasectomy is rare as compared to a vasectomy.

You should understand the fact that not every urologist is qualified to perform a vasectomy reversal procedure. However, the market does not have many urologists with experience and expertise to handle the equipment. However, the less demand means more exclusivity and better service. Your quest to find the best doctor does not have to be tumultuous.

Why is the Vasectomy Reversal Procedure More Challenging?

In a vasectomy, the surgeon finds vas deferens through palpation. He ties the tubes to both ends and then closes the incision.

A vasectomy reversal procedure, on the other hand, requires a more efficient surgeon because the process can be complicated. Now, it does not mean that the procedure is complex for everyone, but some patients require more technically superior proficiency than others do.

Your surgeon should have a lab testing to monitor before, during, and after surgery success status of your semen. In simple terms, there are two different kinds of reverse vasectomy procedures: vasovasostomy and vasoepididymostomy.

Your doctor will have to select a suitable process and advise you to move toward the best option after a thorough examination of your vas deferens. What is even more interesting is that both surgeries are microsurgical methods. It means your surgeon should have sufficient understanding to operate a microscope and perform small sutures. Most surgeons, in fact, use sutures that are the same size as one strand of human hair.

Consequently, vasectomy reversal leaves little to no room for human error. It is no wonder that training and experience are of utmost importance. So long as you know the specifics and can answer the fundamental questions about your needs, you will be able to find the right surgeon for your vasectomy reversal procedure.

What Qualities You Should Look in a Doctor

Extensive Experience

You should value the experience of a surgeon as a priority. Experience, after all, makes up the expertise when it comes to the significant microsurgical technique. You can find out about the total number of times your surgeon has performed vasectomy reversals and microsurgical procedures. Simultaneously, make sure that the surgeon has performed vasovasostomy and as well as vasoepididymostomy surgeries.

As a result, you should be able to find your preferred surgeon’s success rate. Small things matter. Therefore, see if your surgeon is responsive and answers all your questions. He should be able to explain different aspects of the surgery to put your mind at ease.

Primarily, doctors can have two different vasectomy reversal success rates. The standard success ratio represents the percentile of men who achieve potency or return of sperm. The successful outcome of this procedure means that patients’ sperm ultimately turns semen again.

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You can, on the other hand, check the success rate based on the pregnancy ratio. In hindsight, it represents the percentile of patients who conceived successfully with their partners. Comparatively, the percentage will be relatively lower than the patency rate.


You will require a urology expert or someone who intricately understands reproductive medicine to perform your vasectomy reversal surgery. Look for the doctor who is trained and board-certified in both vasectomy reversal processes. Lastly, look at their curriculum vitae, history, and website.

You should not hesitate to ask questions about the respective surgeon’s training, background, and experience. Furthermore, conduct additional research and ask third parties about the professional associations of the surgeon.

You will meet plenty of urologists who specialize in microsurgical techniques and perform vasectomy reversal procedures. However, make sure that your choice of surgeon understands modern standards of microsurgical instruments and methods to perform the surgery successfully.

Take the First Step and Schedule an Appointment

Your best course of action would be to start light research and finalize a surgeon. You can make a list of questions and then evaluate the qualifications of your preferable surgeon.

Vasectomy reversal surgery offers men the chance to become fertile again. Contact Dr. Yaniv Larish and talk about your male infertility treatment choices. Dr. Larish is a skilled vasectomy reversal surgeon with years of experience.

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What Happens During a Vasectomy Reversal Surgery?

What happens during a vasectomy reversal surgery? When you had your vasectomy surgery, your doctor had blocked the tubes called vas deference to prevent the sperm from flowing in your semen. You had successfully avoided the pregnancy you and your partner did not want. But now you have a change a heart and want to go through a vasectomy reversal surgery. Are you concerned about how safe is the vasectomy reversal surgery? What happens during the surgery? If you have these questions running in your mind, we have got you covered. Read along to find out.

How Is Vasectomy Reversed?


There are two procedures for the reversal of vasectomy. The first method is the vasovasostomy. In this method, the surgeon sews the vas deference from testes to the penis. This way, the sperms from vas deference easily reaches the penis and flows out.


The other method is vasoepididymostomy. Here, the doctor attaches the vas deference to the spermatic cord present at the back of the testicles. Vasoepididymostomy is a complex procedure and rarer than the other easier reversal method. Your surgeon will opt for vasoepididymostomy if they feel that vasovasostomy would not be possible or less effective.

Your surgeon will analyze the fluid from vas deference for the presence of sperm. Then they will decide which vasectomy reversal is suitable for you at the time of the surgery. In some cases, there can be a requirement of the combination of both the reversal methods. The surgeon will perform vasovasostomy on one side and vasoepididymostomy on the other side. The longer you have your surgery after the vasectomy, more likely you are to have vasoepididymostomy on either or both sides.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Vasectomy reversal procedures usually do not have side effects other than pain. But some patients may experience other side effects in rare cases. The side effects include bleeding and painful swelling in the scrotum. The infections are possible in some cases.

However, you avoid the chances of getting an infection if you have your vasectomy reversal done by a highly trained and experienced surgeon. If you get an infection after the surgery, your doctor will prescribe you some antibiotics. Severe and persistent pains usually do not happen after vasectomy reversal surgery. However, if you experience severe pain for long, do check with your doctor immediately.

How Would I Know The Reversal Worked?

You must not continue your sexual practice too soon after the vasectomy reversal. Wait for at least two to three weeks until your genitals recover.  You will know if your vasectomy reversal is successful if the sperm began to appear in the semen within a few months.

Your doctor will examine your semen sample for four to six months. If you have Vasoepididymostomy as your reversal method, it will take between six to twelve months before your sperm flow returns. In some case, it may take a year as well.

One thing you must know is that all vasectomy reversal procedures do not guarantee a successful pregnancy rate. Vasectomy is reversible even after passing of several years since the original vasectomy. But the longer the time between vasectomy and its reversal, the lesser the chances are of its success.


Vasectomy reversal procedures restore your sperm flow and give you and your partner a chance for a successful pregnancy. You must choose a proper surgeon and a health care facility to carry out such a sensitive procedure. Vasectomy Reversal NYC offers you the best of our surgeons and services for your vasectomy reversal.

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Before Vasectomy Reversal Surgery

Some Things to Consider Before Surgery:

The decision to reverse a vasectomy is not a decision to take lightly, but couples often decide to attempt vasectomy reversal when they make the decision to add a child to their family. There are several things that you should consider when you decide to have a vasectomy reversal.

Surgeon Experience and Skill

When you decide to have a vasectomy reversal, you should consult a urologist who is trained in male reproductive medicine and in microsurgery, which will improve your possible outcome for your vasectomy reversal. Although a vasovasotomy may be successful, you may require epididymovasostomy for reversal of your vasectomy. Your surgeon should make that determination during your surgery. Dr. Yaniv Larish is trained in microsurgical procedures, and has years of experience treating patients successfully for vasectomy reversal.Before vasectomy reversal

It is important to select a urological surgeon with a busy practice, who performs many of the same procedure you require. Dr. Dr. Larish is New York’s best vasectomy doctor, and he can assist you in the successful reversal of your vasectomy.

Consider Your Partner’s Age

Before vasectomy reversalIt is important to realize that women who are over the age of 38 or older may have diminished fertility. Because it can take six to twelve months after reversal of your vasectomy to restore the optimal sperm count for fertilization, if your partner is over the age of 40 years, you may want to consider in vitro fertilization after sperm retrieval. We can assist you with this decision, and Dr. Larish can advise you and your partner about the necessity of beginning hormones for in vitro fertilization, if that’s what you decide.

Conception May Take Time

It typically takes six to twelve months for a couple to achieve pregnancy after the male partner has a vasectomy reversal. This is primarily because the sperm count may take several “turn-overs” to return to normal. Even after the sperm count is normal, it is not unusual for conception to take six months. If your sperm count and sperm motility are back to normal and you continue to have unprotected sexual intercourse with your partner without achieving conception, we can assist your with an investigation into your partner’s fertility issues.

If you are considering reversal of your vasectomy to achieve conception, call us today at 646-862-5500 to make an appointment for your consultation with Dr. Larish , the best vasectomy reversal doctor in New York.



Choosing a Vasectomy Reversal Surgeon

Choosing the right surgeon to perform your vasectomy reversal procedure is an important task.

Choosing a vasectomy reversal surgeonUnlike most general urologists that only do a few vasectomy reversal procedures a year, Dr. Larish specializes in vasectomy reversals and performs the most in New York City, often, many per month. With the most experience, Dr. Larish enjoys a very high rate of success preforming this technically challenging procedure.

The following topics should be considered when you choose which doctor to perform your vasectomy reversal.

Board Certified Urologist for vasectomy reversal:

Choosing a vasectomy reversal surgeon While there are many good surgeons that are not board certified, board certification ensures that your surgeon has passed strenuous testing of his/her knowledge and surgical ability. Dr. Larish is board certified by the American Board of Urology. Additionally, Dr. Larish holds the prestigious titles of Fellow of American Urological Association, and member of the American Society for Reproductive Surgeons.

Vasectomy Reversal specialty:

Dr. Larish specializes his urology practice to focus on mail fertility. Very few urologists in the country can claim this, and even fewer in New York City can claim to be specialists in vasectomy reversal. Dr. Larish has a success rate of over 90% for micro-surgical vasectomy reversals which are difficult procedures to perform.

Operating microscope and micro-instruments for vasectomy reversal:

Choosing a vasectomy reversal surgeonDr. Larish performs vasectomy reversal surgery at Gramercy Surgery Center. Gramercy Surgery Center is an ultra-modern operating facility that provides the most advanced operating microscope and equally important, micro-instruments and micro-sutures. Gramercy Surgery also employs physicians’ assistants and nurses that are highly trained in assisting surgeons. Additionally, Dr. Larish guarantees that he will perform your procedure in its entirety, no medical students, residents or fellows preform any part of the surgery, unlike some teaching hospitals in New York City.

Anesthesia for vasectomy reversal:

The anesthesiologists at Gramercy Surgery Center are board certified and highly trained, ensuring a safe experience while undergoing vasectomy reversal surgery.

Experience performing vasectomy reversals:

Dr. Larish performs the most vasectomy reversal surgeries in NYC. Just like professional athletes and musicians that practice their craft over and over again to get better and better, Dr. Larish has the experience to be the best in his field. No other urologist in NYC has the experience and numbers of successful procedures compared to Dr. Larish.

Unfortunately, no surgeon can guarantee the outcome of any surgery, but choosing a doctor with the most experience can significantly increase your chances for success, especially with such a challenging microsurgery to reverse vasectomy.

Contact Dr. Larish today to schedule a consultation to discuss your vasectomy reversal procedure.

Vasectomy Reversal Micro Surgery Blog by Dr. Yaniv Larish

My name is Dr. Yaniv Larish; I am a urologist specializing in male sexual health and infertility at NYU Langone Medical Center. You can hear me on the Men’s Health Show on Dr. Radio Sirius XM Channel 81 on Wednesdays from 6-8 PM Eastern time; I usually host the show twice a month.

Happy to finally join the 21st Century and start sharing my thoughts on Men’s Health, Male Sexual Health  and vasectomy reversal micro-surgery with this Blog!

Of all the things I love about my job, being a subspecialist in Manhattan means that I am often taking care of patients who can educate me about any number of topics. That being said, it’s not THAT often that a patient can educate me about medicine, in this case genetics. But just the other day, one of my favorite patients came through the office and told me about a web-based genetic sequencing service he’d signed up for: 23andme.com

When he explained to me the service this website is providing, I was flabbergasted.

For 99 dollars, 23andme will sequence your entire genome and provide you with an interpretation of the genetic abnormalities you may have. All they need is for you to spit in a cup and mail it to them.

A brave new world indeed.

This particular patient was asking me about his genetic risk of prostate cancer in light of a mutation that was identified in the course of this testing; interestingly the gene in question conferred a higher risk of prostate cancer if the patient in question was Caucasian. This is in spite of the fact that African-Americans are genetically at a higher risk of prostate cancer at baseline. My patient is mixed –race, with a Caucasian father and an African American mother. As well, his Caucasian father had prostate cancer at a young age. Not a clear picture by any stretch of the imagination, but it is made even more complex by the fact that I have this patient on testosterone replacement, which was though for many years to increase a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer. In recent years this theory has been fairly thoroughly debunked (You can find my recent interview of Dr. Abraham Morgentaler regarding this topic on siriusxm.com/doctorradio), but patients – including this one – certainly have a lot of anxiety about this possibility.

I confided in my patient my concern that discussions like this one will soon dominate the time spent in a doctor’s office: “I have a genetic test that tells me such and such. Doctor, what does this mean?” There will be a lot of head scratching and shoulder shrugging at first I suspect. But once our knowledge catches up with the available information – what an absolutely fascinating time it will be to practice medicine!

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What is Vasectomy Reversal?

Vasectomy surgery entails cutting the vas deferens to prevent sperm from entering the ejaculate in order to produce long term sterility. (click to enlarge)

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Vasectomy reversal micro-surgery entails reconnecting the two ends of the vas deferens utilizing a surgical microscope, micro-instruments and micro-sutures in order to allow the sperm to enter the ejaculate and regain fertility after vasectomy surgery.

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