Choosing a Vasectomy Reversal Surgeon

Choosing the right surgeon to perform your vasectomy reversal procedure is an important task.

Choosing a vasectomy reversal surgeonUnlike most general urologists that only do a few vasectomy reversal procedures a year, Dr. Larish specializes in vasectomy reversals and performs the most in New York City, often, many per month. With the most experience, Dr. Larish enjoys a very high rate of success preforming this technically challenging procedure.

The following topics should be considered when you choose which doctor to perform your vasectomy reversal.

Board Certified Urologist for vasectomy reversal:

Choosing a vasectomy reversal surgeon While there are many good surgeons that are not board certified, board certification ensures that your surgeon has passed strenuous testing of his/her knowledge and surgical ability. Dr. Larish is board certified by the American Board of Urology. Additionally, Dr. Larish holds the prestigious titles of Fellow of American Urological Association, and member of the American Society for Reproductive Surgeons.

Vasectomy Reversal specialty:

Dr. Larish specializes his urology practice to focus on mail fertility. Very few urologists in the country can claim this, and even fewer in New York City can claim to be specialists in vasectomy reversal. Dr. Larish has a success rate of over 90% for micro-surgical vasectomy reversals which are difficult procedures to perform.

Operating microscope and micro-instruments for vasectomy reversal:

Choosing a vasectomy reversal surgeonDr. Larish performs vasectomy reversal surgery at Gramercy Surgery Center. Gramercy Surgery Center is an ultra-modern operating facility that provides the most advanced operating microscope and equally important, micro-instruments and micro-sutures. Gramercy Surgery also employs physicians’ assistants and nurses that are highly trained in assisting surgeons. Additionally, Dr. Larish guarantees that he will perform your procedure in its entirety, no medical students, residents or fellows preform any part of the surgery, unlike some teaching hospitals in New York City.

Anesthesia for vasectomy reversal:

The anesthesiologists at Gramercy Surgery Center are board certified and highly trained, ensuring a safe experience while undergoing vasectomy reversal surgery.

Experience performing vasectomy reversals:

Dr. Larish performs the most vasectomy reversal surgeries in NYC. Just like professional athletes and musicians that practice their craft over and over again to get better and better, Dr. Larish has the experience to be the best in his field. No other urologist in NYC has the experience and numbers of successful procedures compared to Dr. Larish.

Unfortunately, no surgeon can guarantee the outcome of any surgery, but choosing a doctor with the most experience can significantly increase your chances for success, especially with such a challenging microsurgery to reverse vasectomy.

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