What To Expect After Vasectomy Reversal Procedure

What to Expect After a Vasectomy Reversal

Here at our urology clinic here in New York City, we have performed many successful vasectomy reversals where our patients have experienced a return of sperm to their ejaculate within two months after the procedure and healing period. The vasectomy reversal rates are usually quite high, but there is always the chance that it may take up to 12 months to report a stable semen analysis test result. In rare cases there was no return of sperm at all, these of course are considered unsuccessful cases.

The Odds of SuccessVasectomy Reversal

The successful results of a procedure are affected mainly by the quality of the previous vasectomy. Damaged sperm can also contribute to the unsuccessful production of viable sperm. Studies also substantiate that the more recent the vasectomy, the more likely a patient is to have a successful reversal, after ten years the chances for success is minimal.

Conditions Which Can Affect Male Fertility

Circumstances for a successful vasectomy reversal may be hindered by other factors and should be carefully considered before deciding on the procedure. These factors may include an elevated follicle stimulating hormone level, which may be a sign of testicular failure. In addition, factors like testicular degenerate, infertility of the female partner and possible complications during or after the vasectomy reversal may affect your ability to conceive after the procedure.

Before deciding whether you would like to have a vasectomy reversal, your female partner and you will need to make an appointment to discuss the pros and cons of having a vasectomy reversal. So call us today to schedule an appointment with the best urologist in New York City and get the answers you need.


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