Success Rate of Vasectomy Reversal

So, you’ve changed your mind about becoming a dad – but the problem is, you have had a vasectomy. The good news is that a vasectomy reversal procedure can be carried out to get things back to how they were. A common question that many guys ask about vasectomy reversal is what the success rate is. Naturally, you’ll want to know your chances of success before putting your body through surgery and recovery, not to mention the cost. Success relies on three main factors – sperms, tube, and surgical expertise. This means that whilst choosing an experienced and reputable surgeon will increase your chance of success, your genes or health could get in the way. Let’s take a look at what’s necessary for a successful vasectomy reversal.


vasectomy reversalBefore a vasectomy reversal procedure, tests will be carried out to ensure that sperms are present. If they are not, this could be caused by blow out – a rupture of the extremely thin epididymis tube which is found on top of the testis. Blow out is caused by back pressure of fluid build-up trapped in the tubes below the vasectomy, peaking during ejaculation. It is painless, so you may be unaware that it has occurred. Statistically, the chance of a man developing a blow out after undergoing a vasectomy procedure starts at zero and increases by approximately 2% each following year.


vasectomy reversalDuring a vasectomy reversal procedure, the surgeon will re-join the tube (vas deferens), allowing it to transport sperm to the penis again. For the procedure to be a success, there will need to be enough healthy vas remaining after the vasectomy procedure for the surgeon to join at least one back together. Unfortunately, if there is not sufficient healthy vas, it’s usually not possible to have a vasectomy reversed. However, the good news is that almost all men (95%) will have at least one tube which is suitable for reversal.

Surgical Expertise and Skill:

Lastly, the one factor that you’ll have more control over when getting a vasectomy reversal is the surgeon who carries out the procedure. Since most men who have undergone a vasectomy will be able to have it reversed, choosing a reputable and highly skilled doctor increases your chance of success. Choose a surgeon who specializes in vasectomy reversal and has a proven high success rate.

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What is Vasectomy Reversal?

Vasectomy surgery entails cutting the vas deferens to prevent sperm from entering the ejaculate in order to produce long term sterility. (click to enlarge)

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Vasectomy reversal micro-surgery entails reconnecting the two ends of the vas deferens utilizing a surgical microscope, micro-instruments and micro-sutures in order to allow the sperm to enter the ejaculate and regain fertility after vasectomy surgery.

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