Dispelling the Myths Surrounding Vasectomy Reversals

There are several reasons why a man may wish to reverse a vasectomy procedure, mainly ones which are personal to himself. Most commonly, a vasectomy reversal is carried out to allow a man to father a child again, although it can be used in some rare cases to treat testicle pain which occurs as a result of a vasectomy. Guys who are seriously considering a vasectomy reversal will want to ensure they have all the facts before going in for the procedure. But, there are several myths surrounding this procedure that leave some men with the wrong information. Some of the most common myths include:

I’m Too Old to Have a Vasectomy Reversed:

vasectomy reversalA popular misconception amongst men is that there’s an age limit when it comes to a successful vasectomy reversal. Whilst the pregnancy success rate does go down as the man’s age increases, there is no reason why any man should not consider this procedure due to their age. If you are deemed healthy enough for surgery under a general anesthetic, you will be able to have your vasectomy reversed whatever your age.

I Won’t Be Able to Father Children Naturally:

vasectomy reversalOne of the biggest myths about vasectomy reversal is that men are unable to biologically father a child after the procedure. Many people mistakenly believe that after a vasectomy, the only possible way to father a child is via IVF. However, this isn’t true – vasectomy reversal success rates range from around 30-90%, depending on various factors. Whilst it may sometimes be more difficult to father a child naturally after a reversal procedure, it’s certainly not impossible.

I’ll Only Be Able to Try Once:


Finally, another misconception about vasectomy reversal is that it’s only possible to try once. This is false – it’s possible to have multiple attempts at reversing a vasectomy if the first one is unsuccessful. In some cases, more complex procedures may be offered to increase the chance of success.

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