Second Attempt at Vasectomy Reversal

Why Does Vasectomy Reversal Fail?

Vasectomy reversal may fail the first time when the procedure is not performed using microsurgical techniques. Other times, a vasectomy reversal failure may be associated with vasectomy outside of an accredited operating room, or a failure to perform the operation under general anesthesia. These are several reasons that you must choose your vasectomy reversal doctor carefully. If you want to have the best chance of success when you are having surgery to reverse a vasectomy, you should be sure to seek the assistance of a qualified and experienced urology surgeon. Dr. Larish is New York’s top vasectomy doctor, and he has a very high success rate in patients who desire vasectomy reversal.

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What is Vasectomy Reversal?

Vasectomy surgery entails cutting the vas deferens to prevent sperm from entering the ejaculate in order to produce long term sterility. (click to enlarge)

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Vasectomy reversal micro-surgery entails reconnecting the two ends of the vas deferens utilizing a surgical microscope, micro-instruments and micro-sutures in order to allow the sperm to enter the ejaculate and regain fertility after vasectomy surgery.

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