Vasectomy Reversal Costs and Fees

Affordable World-Class Vasectomy Reversal Surgery

All vasectomy reversals are performed by Dr. Larish himself. Having performing countless microsurgical procedures over the years, he is in the unique position of being able to offer vasectomy reversals at lower cost than most other physicians. He has negotiated reduced fees at the highly accredited surgical facility, Gramercy Surgery Center, and is pleased to pass these savings on to his patients.

Dr. Larish has chosen to offer a fixed, all-inclusive price for the standard vasectomy reversal as well as for the more complicated vasoepididymostomy procedure. Patients can thus rely on clear, up front pricing with no surprising hidden costs.

The cost of the vasectomy reversal has three components: surgeon’s fee, anesthesia fee, and the surgery center facility fee.

Our Pricing:

Surgeon’s Fee: $8,500 (Paid to Dr. Larish in full prior to procedure)

Surgery Center Facility Fee and Anesthesia Fee: $6,995 (Paid to Gramercy Surgery Center on the day of surgery)

TOTAL COST: $15,495

Note: Dr. Larish is a staff physician at Gramercy Surgery and has no financial incentive to perform procedures there.